Valuable Money Habit Advice Based on Your Astrological Sign

When it comes to “better money habits,” there’s a never-ending stream of conflicting advice out there. But the truth is that you have to make informed decisions about what money goals are attainable in your life. 

 There isn’t one “right” way to become more financially independent because it involves you setting goals and creating rules for yourself to follow. 

 That’s why getting in touch with your money habits means getting in touch with yourself. 

 Psychological and financial research has shown that money transcends its representation as neat figures and balanced spreadsheets in our lives. It is tied to our biggest, most important emotions and it forms the building blocks of our dreams and aspirations. 

 That’s why consumer financial behaviors don’t always…make sense.

For reference, see the Lottery-Insurance Paradox, or Daniel Kahneman’s Nobel prize-winning consumer behavior studies. 

According to Brad Klontz (clinical psychologist, author, and founder of the Financial Psychology Institute), our central views of money develop in childhood and inform our decisions as adults. We often think of financial planning and financial success as mathematic, something rooted in logic alone – but money is emotional

 Klontz argues that our childhoods, life experiences, and feelings create specific narratives about money that can sometimes translate to harmful financial behaviors. He calls these narratives “money scripts” and explains how they underpin struggles like compulsive overspending or spending anxiety – and can even be passed down through generations.

Investigating your psychological relationship with money can help you gain a better understanding of both your good and bad money habits. With understanding can come meaningful progress 🤝💸

However you feel about astrology, it’s worth considering that it offers us rare opportunities for introspection and self-awareness. 

 Between social media, 24-hour news cycles and an unprecedented public health crisis, we do a lot of looking outward. Astrology encourages us to consider our internal world – how our feelings affect our behavior, how we treat ourselves, and how we react to others.  

With that in mind, CARD put together some valuable money advice for each of the zodiac signs. 🥰


March 20 – April 19

Symbolized by the ram, Aries are known to be forceful, entrepreneurial, courageous go-getters. You tend to draw your energy from forward momentum in your life – self-improvement kicks, new DIY projects, intellectual challenges at work. 

 Strengths to celebrate: At your core you have genuine and pure drive to succeed and better the lives of others through your hard work. Aries tend to be optimistic leaders in the workplace and it doesn’t go unnoticed – seize opportunities when they arise. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: As straightforward and competitive thinkers, Aries can have extremely high (sometimes unrealistic) expectations for both themselves and others. Your self-assuredness, normally an asset, can sometimes carry over into impulsivity when it comes to spending. 

Some money habit advice: Take a step back from your money-making moves every once in a while and look around. Before making a big purchase, consider waiting 24 hours or asking a friend or family member what they think. Practice patience – especially with yourself! 


April 19 – May 20

If you’re a Taurus, it’s likely that you’re somebody’s rock – their most stable, loyal companion, the one person they know they can call when it all hits the fan. Renowned for their grounded, steadfast and practical nature, Taureans place a lot of value on security, stability and comfort in their lives. 

Strengths to celebrate: Logic and numbers appeal to your strengths – you know your worth and you make financial planning look easy. Your tendencies toward routine and repetition make sticking to a budget easier for you than for other (more impulsive) signs. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: Taureans constant pursuit of comfort sometimes gets them in trouble with materialism. Over-associating stability with material goods can lead to unhealthy spending habits and degrade a Taurus’s interpersonal relationships. 

 Some money habit advice: Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut – when you always prioritize consistency over change it’s easy to miss out on opportunities for financial growth. Look into that offer, respond to that email, experiment with a new method – you’re worth the risk! 


May 20 – June 21

The symbol of the twins represents Geminis’ passion for communication, a duality in the back-and-forth exchange of information. More curious than your average cat and constantly analyzing everyone in the room, Gemini natives are adaptable, social, flighty geniuses. 

 Strengths to celebrate: When used for good, your perceptiveness and charm make you a convincing, effective advocate for yourself and others. You can harness it to your advantage when it comes to your finances – get the best deal, ask for the raise, propose the project.

 Roadblocks to steer around: Their extreme openness to the world around them can sometimes take a toll on a Gemini’s attention span. As a result, dedication to long-term processes like budgeting and saving can sometimes wax and wane along with your fleeting whims.  

 Some money habit advice: Write out a detailed plan to help keep your eyes on the prize when it comes to long-term financial goals (think mortgage, car financing, saving up for that vacay). Consider that if financial independence is your endgame, it will require you to sometimes be alone with yourself, your thoughts and your choices.


June 21 – July 22

As one of the most sensitive signs, Cancers are complex – you feel so deeply but sometimes struggle to express your complex emotions to those around you. Whatever the word means to you, “Home” is where you thrive. For some Cancers home is their physical dwelling, for others their close-knit family, and some others their six chihuahuas.

 Strengths to celebrate: Family-oriented, generous and connected to tradition, Cancers have an uncanny ability to form strong relationships in the workplace (even working remotely). Your dedication to protecting your home generally guides you down a sound financial path. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: Cancers have a tendency to let the emotional struggles of others weigh them down. You might be the first to whip your wallet when someone cries for help, sacrificing your own financial self-interest. 

 Some money habit advice: Of course, your financial generosity is not a negative trait in itself- sometimes it’s just healthier to put yourself first. Try out this exercise in self-expression and communication: Sit down with your partner or family member and collaborate on a list of your long-term financial goals – be honest!


July 22 – August 22

If you’ve ever described someone you met as “captivating,” “magnetic” or “charming”… you probably came across a Leo. The head of the pack and the center of attention, your Leo nature compels you to sell everyone you meet on your creative worldview – and you have a 99% success rate. 

 Strengths to celebrate: While Aries lead from a place of overzealous restlessness, Leos lead with pure passion and unfettered confidence. As a result, you create important work that others recognize, and you aren’t afraid to accept the social and financial rewards. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: Your obvious excellence and secret desire to be the “best of the best” can sometimes let your ego get the best of you. The Leo tendency towards one-upmanship is a slippery slope towards irresponsible spending and living beyond their means. 

 Some money habit advice: Make a conscious effort to try and celebrate the financial successes of others – the friend who got a new job, the coworker who got promoted. Decentering yourself when it comes to money can help you avoid the out-spender mindset.


August 22 – September 22

Sometimes written off as nitpicky, fussy perfectionists, Virgos see meaningful patterns where others don’t. What some may perceive as your particular or critical nature secretly stems from a need to feel useful to others. You clean up messes, you get it all done, and you’re modest to boot. 

 Strengths to celebrate: Virgos often have a strong sense of purpose and keep themselves motivated by marking achievements. Your love of checking items off to-do lists is definitely an asset to your financial organization. Need help with your taxes? Call your local Virgo… 

 Roadblocks to steer around: Holding the weight of all the details of every scenario you’ve planned out in your head is a big burden to bear. When bad stuff happens (like a global pandemic) and things don’t go to plan, Virgos sometimes shut down and get lost without their exacting schedules. 

 Some money habit advice: Use automatic online banking features like direct deposit, savings tools, and account notifications to always feel like you’re in the know – while actually releasing some control. Letting go (of your baggage and other people’s baggage) can help keep you from overthinking your finances.


September 22 – October 23

The symbol of the balanced scales ⚖️ is the perfect representation of the Libra way. Your hobbies might include: making pro and con lists, trying on 17 (equally fire) outfits each morning, or telling the occasional white lie. Both introverted and extroverted, Libras are protectors of social equilibrium – profound empathy drives them toward idealistic peace-keeping roles. 

 Strengths to celebrate: You can’t help but see both sides of the coin, and that comes in handy when you’re weighing life’s major financial decisions. Your convictions in fairness and equality lead you to be egalitarian and generous in your financial life. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: Idealism and a constant search for a “better” way can cloud Libras’ judgment and lead to cyclical trends of emotional spending. Shelling out for the life-changing subscription that doesn’t catch on, or the expensive gadget you never end up using can take a toll on your savings. 

 Some money habit advice: Don’t make yourself smaller to fit into others’ expectations for what you can achieve – socially, professionally or financially. Balancing too many projects can distract you from the potential profitability of some of your best ideas.


October 23 – November 22

Scorpios don’t back down. You can reveal your intensity and power to others at exactly the right moment, and you’re happy to pull the strings from behind the scenes. But don’t mistake Scorpios’ intentions – they are fierce protectors of the people they love, and sometimes struggle with a crippling fear of being perceived. 

 Strengths to celebrate: The depths of your passion know no bounds. You’re usually the most dedicated person working on the project, and it helps propel you towards your goals. Passion’s companions, Ambition and Focus, make Scorpios naturals at sticking to budgets and savings plans.  

Roadblocks to steer around: Chronic distrust of others and a notoriously prickly nature can put obstacles in a Scorpio’s path to financial success. Not necessarily known for being team players, Scorpios might have a hard time accepting that nobody succeeds in a vacuum. 

 Some money habit advice: Yes, you’re right about a lot of things, but unless you have a PhD in economics, you’re not a money expert. Even if your gut is screaming “YES”, take a step back and consult at least two other sources before making a major financial decision like taking a new job, moving to a new city, or investing in a new venture.


November 22 – December 21

While many of the signs struggle with change, Sagittarius natives fling themselves towards uncertainty with open arms. It’s second nature for you to go with the flow, you laugh in the face of routine, and come across as utterly fearless (sometimes reckless). Tireless explorers of the human experience and the human mind, Sagittarians are everyone’s favorite party guests (you tell the best stories). 

 Strengths to celebrate: Sagittarians are affable globalists – they understand the world and are able to make connections across cultures, languages, and ideologies. Really lean into your knack for networking – maintaining professional relationships from your adventures can lead to unique financial opportunities. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: If you give in to the persistent restlessness, you can become more likely to, say, blow your savings on a spontaneous trip, or quit your job with no notice. As a Sagittarius you may need to practice a little extra caution when it comes to impulsivity in your financial life. 

 Some money habit advice: Use an online banking tool that automatically sends a chunk of your paycheck to your savings account. Or do some research on locking some of your liquid cash away in investments. You can take steps to insulate yourself from overspending without stifling your free spirit! 


December 21 – January 20

Is there someone you refer to as the “mom” or “dad” of your friend group? Real quick, check if they’re a Capricorn. The undercover perfectionists of the zodiac, Capricorns are extremely disciplined and center themselves around a strong sense of right and wrong. Resourceful and determined, you thrive in positions of power – but your feet always stay firmly planted on the ground.

 Strengths to celebrate: Your dedication to rule-following and your pragmatic thought patterns make you an asset to any business. Often from a young age Capricorns demonstrate a strong work ethic, conservative spending habits, and a natural air of authority. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: You might be the master of responsibility, but don’t let it devolve into martyrdom. Capricorns have the tendency to try and “parent” people who never asked to be parented – and find themselves entangled in others’ financial issues. 

 Some money habit advice: Make peace with the fact that following the rules and playing the long game doesn’t always pay off. Instead of completely denying yourself of comforts or impulses in the name of fiscal responsibility, try factoring a monthly self-care splurge into your budget. 


January 20 – February 18

Even if you’re not a fan of the term “quirky,” you have to admit that it probably applies to the Aquarius in your life. Creative, abstract thinkers and self-designated loners, Aquarians are the ultimate “Mary quite contrary.” You might find yourself being weird on purpose and calling it ~art~ or experimenting with a new way to cook your eggs based on a dream you had the night before. 

 Strengths to celebrate: It may seem obvious, but as the freethinkers of the zodiac, Aquarians are drivers of ingenuity and progress in professional settings. Your opposition to the status quo is what allows you to consistently find new, innovative ways to save money and make money. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: It isn’t always advantageous to treat life like a series of experiments – especially when it comes to your finances. Your desire to differentiate yourself from others isn’t serving you if it’s steering you away from common-sense money moves. 

 Some money habit advice: Make a conscious effort to keep your big-picture vision from squeezing out the contributions of others. Acting like more of a team player, even if it means acquiescing a little bit, will serve you in your professional and financial growth.


February 18 – March 20

Dreamy and mutable, Pisces can blend into any environment, ingratiate themselves with any group, and derive valuable wisdom from situations while others are none the wiser. Like a fish (the Pisces symbol) through water, you move through life with very little friction and effortlessly bring out the best in others. 

 Strengths to celebrate: Pisces are sometimes called wishy-washy, but their indecisiveness is usually just a byproduct of a highly attuned intuition. You are an open and accepting presence in people’s lives – you never ever judge others based on their financial decisions or financial status. 

 Roadblocks to steer around: You may find that some of the ambition and me-first mentality required for financial success doesn’t come easily to you. There’s a danger that you may come across to colleagues as weak-willed or easily convinced to put your own financial gain aside. 

 Some money habit advice: Instead of letting yourself be taken advantage of or swept away by stronger personalities, turn your elusiveness and emotional intelligence into your secret weapons. Don’t over-commit to any job or any investment and let your bird’s eye view guide you towards financial decisions that serve you. 


Hopefully reading about your sign offered you a valuable opportunity to check in with yourself and think about your needs, strengths, and weaknesses when it comes to money.

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